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How Can A Diverse Work Force Benefit Business?

Competitive Advantage - people with disabilities comprise approximately 16% of Canadian Society. Keep in mind that these are people with friends, professional associations, and family as well. It makes great business sense to have employees who represent all of the company's potential customers.

Unique Perspectives and Creativity - people with disabilities come with different life experiences which have taught them interesting things. They have also had to overcome obstacles, and compensate for certain deficits. Such skills are an asset to any business.

Improve Company Image - hiring persons with disabilities improves the community's impression of that business. Good corporate citizenship is an important trend right now.

Larger Human Resource Pool - new technologies and access to employment specialists allow persons with disabilities to make valuable contributions to the workplace.

Improve Workplace Culture - diversifying your workplace makes it a more interesting and rewarding place to be. Many employers and co-workers of people with disabilities come to view the addition of a disabled co-worker as enriching to the workplace.

Prepare For The Future - as our population ages, business will need to know how to accommodate customers with disability issues. Involving people with disabilities in your work environment now - can teach you what you will need to know later.

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