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Member Agencies

Accredited Supportive Living Society
The Accredited Supportive Living Services (ASLS) is an accredited agency that is located in Grimshaw. Our Mission Statement: Promoting community inclusion for persons with disabilities and/or barriers through support, skill development and advocacy. The Society provides services through the following programs: Residential Services provide support to individuals with multiple disabilities and these individuals live in the Wilcox Residence and the 49th Avenue residence, both located in Grimshaw. Independent Living Services provide support to adult individuals living in the community. This program is offered in Peace River, Grimshaw, Fairview, Grande Prairie, High Level and La Crete. The Family Support Program provides support and assistance to families who have a child with a disability. Support is provided in Peace River, Grimshaw, McLennan and Falher. The Training & Resources program provides on-going training to staff and the community.

Accredited Supports to the Community
Accredited Supports to the Community works with people from all walks of life. We are a registered not-for-profit charity and have been providing supports to adults and children with disabilities in their communities since 1974. Beginning in 1998, we have been using what we have learned about working with people in the community to extend our services to all members of the community.

Advanced Rehabilitation and Community Services
ARCS is a service agency that is committed to providing integrated, comprehensive, and progressive, services to all persons with disabilities, empowering them to achieve their optimal quality of life.

ARCS is committed to providing Opportunities , Inclusion , and Possibilities for all individuals we serve, so they may live the life they most desire.

Alberta Council of Disability Services
In June 2006 The Alberta Association of Rehabilitation Centres (AARC) changed it's name to the Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS).

ACDS's mandate is to provide support to rehabilitation service providers of community-based services for people with disabilities. The goal is to ensure quality service delivery for clients. In fulfilling this mandate, ACDS does not limit its support exclusively to its members. The association's education, accreditation and advocacy efforts also have a positive effect on organizations outside the umbrella.

Blue Heron Support Services Association
Located in Barrhead, Alberta, Blue Heron provides personalized service, such as: independent living support, full-time residential support, individualized funding for residential support, employment services, and community supports to promote the empowerment and community inclusion of people seeking support through.

Bredin Institute
Looking for work? We can help! Our no-cost services are available to Albertans with a variety of skill levels, experience and education. Let our team of trained Employment Advisors take the stress out of your job search. We will help you every step of the way - from building your resume to taking the mystery out of the interview process. You will discover how to get the employment edge you need to succeed in today's market place.

Our employment services include the personal and professional support of a Case Manager and Employment Developer. Bright resource centres provide fax, photocopier, phones, computers with Internet access, printers, libraries and more.

Calgary Alternative Employment Services
CAES is an individualized, client directed, employment placement program, that offers: career exploration, career counseling, resume development, interview skill development, supported job search and placement, job coaching and follow-up support, employability workshops, and small business development.

CAES's primary goal is to help adults with intellectual disabilities-those who require support to find and maintain employment-find and maintain the type of work or career that they want. CAES then provides ongoing, follow-up support to both the client and the employer to strengthen working skills and relationships and ensure job satisfaction and job retention.

For more information on CAES, contact their Program Manager, Sean McEwen at (403) 283-0611, or drop in to CAES at #404, 1240 - Kensington Road NW.

Canadian Mental Health Association
The CMHA is a nation-wide voluntary organization that promotes the mental health of all and supports people experiencing mental illness.

For over 30 years, Chrysalis has helped thousands of people with disabilities receive training, develop life and vocational skills, find employment, discover volunteer opportunities, and enhance their quality of life. Chrysalis strives to continue to offer personalized services to foster "change, growth and opportunity" to all citizens with disabilities.

Client Productivity Needs Committee of Calgary
The Client Productivity Needs Committee provides a forum for mental health services staff, other community stakeholders and mental health consumers in the Calgary area to identify mental health client needs and issues regarding productivity and to work on addressing these needs/priorities.

Our objectives are to:

To contact the Client Productivity Needs Committee of Calgary, or for more information, please contact the current committee Chair, Ms. Anneisa Lauchlan, at: (403) 266-8711 or email:

Cope - Rocky Mountain House Society for Persons with Disabilities
COPE promotes high quality rehabilitative services to persons with developmental disabilities. They offer a wide range of services to persons with developmental disabilities that are designed to meet the individual needs of each person they serve. In the employment scope of their services COPE provides job placement, job coaching, employment preparation and job training with the goal of obtaining meaningful employment in the community. COPE'S employment program offers a wide variety of employment placements for adults with developmental disabilities.

Columbia College - Community Support Services Department
The Columbia College, Community Support Services Department provides employment and community access services and supports for adults with developmental disabilities.

Employment services include employment preparation classes, computer-assisted academic upgrading, work experience placements and on-the-job support to assist students in securing and maintaining competitive employment that best matches their interests and abilities. Community access services support students to become contributing members of the community through inclusive opportunities in education, recreation, community association, community resources and volunteerism.

Visit the college website for a complete description of the programs, courses, work experiences, and opportunities available through the Community Support Services Department.

CORE Association, formerly known as the Medicine Hat Regional Association for the Mentally Handicapped, was formed on June 18th, 1954 through efforts of parents and interested community persons. Our aim is to provide quality service to individuals with development disabilities to support their dignity and self worth, enabling these individuals to become contributing members of the community through personalized support, family involvement, advocacy and community participation.

Cosmos Rehabilitation Society/Employment Access
Cosmos/Employment Access provides a variety of community supports and services to persons with disabilities. These supports and services include: employment services, volunteer and community support services, interactive workshops, a Computer Learning Centre, a personal voice mail service and a Community Options Program. These supports and services, plus the community resource centre, create the opportunity for persons with disabilities to gain their ultimate goals of employment and independence. For more information about Cosmos services, programs or resource centres, contact:

DECSA Distinctive Employment Counseling Services of Alberta
DECSA is a community based, non-profit organization with over 20 years of experience in the development of services designed to assist individuals with employment barriers to achieve paid employment. We provide employment preparation, vocational counseling and placement services to people unable to find employment through traditional means. Individualized one on one and group services are available to people experiencing a wide range of barriers to employment.

Dove Centre
Dove Centre is a non-profit agency which has been in operation in Bonnyville since 1973. Our main focus is to provide opportunity and support to adults with developmental disabilities to develop and succeed as an integral part of our vibrant community.

Drumheller and Region Transition Society
The Drumheller And Region Transition Society is a non-profit organization that was incorporated in 1977 and operates under a volunteer, policy governing Board of Directors. We are a unique and progressive community partner dedicated to providing individualized support and opportunities primarily for persons with developmental disabilities and special needs. We strive to maximize individual potential and successful integration into the community.

Employment Placement and Support Services
Employment Placement and Support Services (E.P.S.S.) is an agency that matches unemployed Albertans with businesses looking for skilled employees. Most services are provided to adults aged 25 years and over, with the exception of the Opportunities Fund, Central Alberta Community Support Program and Insurance Referrals, which are specialized services designed to assist disabled workers 18 years and older.

Falcon Enterprises Community Employment Program
The Employment Training Program offers supported employment placements within the community which attempts to:

Foothills AIM Society Employment Services (Supported Employment & Employment Preparation)
The Alberta Association for Community Living (AACL) is a family based, non-profit organization representing the interests of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families from across Alberta. Together we share a family dream that began almost 50 years ago - a dream of meaningful family and community life for our sons and daughters. This dream lives on today and people with developmental disabilities and their families remain at the heart of AACL and our commitment to community inclusion. More than 40 non-profit community organizations from across the province belong to AACL. We are a member of a national federation of over 400 community, 10 provincial and three territorial associations, together forming the Canadian Association for Community Living. CACL is also a member of Inclusion International, an international association representing over 110 countries and their national associations. Achieving the vision of inclusive community lives for children and adults with developmental disabilities is a global movement.

Individuals who possess the requisite skills to become gainfully employed are supported and instructed in what it takes to secure, maintain and to keep a job. Many employable people take for granted what having a job means. The opportunity to develop skills that enhance self-esteem, to develop peer relationships and to have money to spend all come with increased responsibility.

Fort McMurray Association for Community Living
The Alberta Association for Community Living (AACL) is a family based, non-profit organization representing the interests of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families from across Alberta. Together we share a family dream that began almost 50 years ago - a dream of meaningful family and community life for our sons and daughters. This dream lives on today and people with developmental disabilities and their families remain at the heart of AACL and our commitment to community inclusion. More than 40 non-profit community organizations from across the province belong to AACL. We are a member of a national federation of over 400 community, 10 provincial and three territorial associations, together forming the Canadian Association for Community Living. CACL is also a member of Inclusion International, an international association representing over 110 countries and their national associations. Achieving the vision of inclusive community lives for children and adults with developmental disabilities is a global movement.

Gateway Association for Community Living
Gateway Association for Community Living is an advocacy association working on behalf of individuals who have developmental disabilities as well as their families. Gateway was incorporated in 1975 by a group of parents. The original focus of the group was exploring education alternatives for their children. When the parents gathered they found that they had something else to give to each other...shared common experience.

Gateway envisions a community where all children grow within a family; all children learn together in neighborhood schools; all adults work at real jobs in the community; all adults will have a real home and friends; and all people are valued contributing members of their communities.

Goodwill Industries of Alberta
Provides employment preparation and placement for adults with developmental disabilities. Provides a variety of work-related opportunities to assist individuals with disabilities or barriers to employment to develop or maintain work-related skills. Accepts donations of gently used household items. Goodwill's thrift retail stores sell a variety of used household items.

Grant McEwan College
MacEwan's diploma / transfer program in Disability Studies: Leadership and Community is renowned throughout Alberta as a Centre for Excellence in disability studies. Program graduates apply a respectful philosophy of individual growth, empowerment and self-determination to assist people with disabilities in reaching their goals. Starting with the firm belief that people with disabilities are integral members of our society, program graduates also help develop diverse and inclusive neighborhoods that enable people with disabilities to exercise their rights and participate fully as citizens.

Hull Family Services
Hull Child and Family Services has a long-standing tradition of caring for kids and families. Our history began in the 1880's with William Roper Hull, a pioneer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, whose greatest legacy was his commitment to kids.

The children who come to Hull need special help at a critical time in their lives. With support they can move on to become productive adults and parents. All our kids are all special, not just because of the problems they face, but because they face them, and overcome them.

Integrated Post-Secondary Education Society of Alberta
Supports adults with developmental disabilities to experience university by attending classes and socially connecting with their peers.

Lethbridge Family Services
Lethbridge Family Services is a private, non-profit community agency dedicated to providing services to those in need, regardless of economic status.

The Agency takes an active role in the development of societal conditions which encourage healthy family life through inter-agency cooperation and community planning.

Lethbridge Family Services is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors and managed by a professional staff. The Agency is fully accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services to Family and Children.

Lo-Se-Ca Foundation
The Lo-Se-Ca Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides support services to adults with developmental disabilities. We offer a variety of services from residential supports to daytime vocational training. All programming is designed to promote independence and community inclusion. Lo-Se-Ca promotes this in a number of different ways such as providing bursaries for the people we support to attend classes in the community, and supporting people to organize various community based activities. Lo-Se-Ca is proud of the quality of service it provides. We recently received 100% for meeting Creating Excellence Together (CET) standards.

On Site Placement Services
On Site Placement Services (O S P) has been operating since 1981, designing employment-related programs and delivering results oriented services to people experiencing barriers to employment as the result of a disability. The organization's significant level of expertise and exceptional outcomes are reflected by the consistency of contract renewals with Human Resources Development Canada and Alberta Human Resources and Employment. O S P is highly competent in determining barriers to employment and providing effective compensatory services.

Peak Vocational Services
Provides vocational and supported employment services to individuals who have a developmental disability.

Potential Place Clubhouse
Located in Calgary, Alberta, Potential Place Clubhouse seeks to dispel the stereotypes and labels that follow mental illness. This clubhouse is a restorative environment that provides individuals who have been socially and vocationally disabled by mental illness with a place to go and belong in order to attain or regain the self-esteem, confidence, and skills necessary to achieve meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

Their Resources Page provides a list of crisis lines, clinics, local agencies, and employment links.

Progressive Alternatives Society of Calgary
As a non-profit, registered charitable organization, PASC offers three primary, specialized services: Progressive Alternative Services (PAS), Youth Supported Employment Project (YSEP), and Creative Connections (CC). Respectively, these three divisions of PASC provide employment services for adults with developmental disabilities, provide employment services for youth with disabilities, and provide services that facilitate people with developmental disabilities to become involved in communities of their choice. The PASC website further describes this organization's mission, commitment, services, and initiatives for helping persons with disabilities prepare for and obtain employment that complements their interests and strengths. Their website also outlines PASC's initiatives promote both quality of life and community inclusion.

The PASC Links page offers valuable employment links, plus information on job development, social role valorization, computer literacy, accessible communication and transportation and many other services and resources.

At Prospect, we are about people, community and possibility . . . about opportunities for meaningful workforce and community participation. Please check our website for details about our various employment programs.

Redi Enterprises
Redi Enterprises of Medicine Hat is a non-profit agency that offers vocational, community support, individual support, community employment, and brain injury relearning services. Redi provides supports for individuals to gain skills and confidence in living, working, and participating in the community.

Regional Mental Health
CMHA-Edmonton region is a non-profit volunteer agency. It functions as a community centre promoting mental health. It works in partnership with other community agencies to educate about mental health and illness, to advocate for better conditions in the community and to help people build strong supports for community life.

Rehabilitation Society of SW Alberta
The Rehabilitation Society operates out of Lethbridge, Alberta and provides community access services to promote the personal development, education, and skills development of persons with disabilities.

Visit their website to find further information on the kinds of services and opportunities this society provides.

Rehoboth Christian Ministries
Their mandate is to provide support programs and services to individuals and their families from a Christian perspective. Beginning with a summer camp program in 1976, Rehoboth Christian Ministries has "made room" for individuals with disabilities in the communities of Stony Plain, Edmonton, Three Hills, Calgary, Airdrie, Lethbridge, Coaldale and Grande Prairie.

Rehoboth Christian Ministries offers a full range of support programs to assist each individual in achieving a level of independence within his or her ability.

Robin Hood Association
The Robin Hood Association for the Handicapped (RHA) is a non-profit, registered, charitable organization dedicated to providing person-centered services and supports to children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization was formed in 1963. Its services are concentrated in Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan.

The Robin Hood Association supports over 220 adults and 400 children and their families. The Association employs over 350 full and part time staff.

Operating under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors, RHA's activities are funded through government contracts, fees for service, fundraising, corporate sponsorships and donations.

Salvation Army START Program
Provides residential and day services to adults with developmental disabilities. Located in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Selections, Career Support Services
SELECTIONS, Career Support Service is a non-profit society funded primarily by Persons with Developmental Disabilities Community Board, fund-raising, general donations and program fees. SELECTIONS is dedicated to ensuring that the client's interests and abilities are matched to community based employment opportunities.

Signature Support Services
Signature Support Services exists to meet the individual needs and choices of persons with developmental disabilities through a range of community based residential and day program services in the city of Grande Prairie and its immediate districts.

Supported Entrepreneurship Program
Supported Entrepreneurship is the process of helping persons with disabilities to develop and operate a small business. You do not need to be eligible for PDD funding in order to make use of this program.

SEP has a number of exciting projects in the works including, but not limited to: small business workshops, business development and action plans, a micro loans fund, business cooperatives, an urban farming project, and more. Check out the website for details.

For more information on SEP, contact their Program Manager, Sean McEwen at (403) 283-0611, or drop in to SEP at #408, 1240 - Kensington Road NW.

Transitional Vocational Program - MRC
The Transitional Vocational Program at Mount Royal College has been providing a variety of post-secondary programs for over 25 years to adults with developmental disabilities. The Employment Preparation Extension Certificate Program was established in 1980 and has, with continuous development, evaluation and change, been a role model for other employment programs. In the 1997 review of provincial Transitional Vocational Programs, Mount Royal College stood out for its excellence, innovation and leadership as a highly regarded and socially valued institution. Entrance into this program is highly competitive.

Varsity Education & Graduate Support Services - UofC
Varsity Education aims to expand the future vision for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our approach is to provide increased opportunities for social connections, education, and personal growth in the daily life of a student. This support system facilitates individual academic schedules and campus involvement within the university day.

Graduate Support Services is only accessible to graduates of Varsity Education. Employment staff have the opportunity to develop long term relationships with students throughout their university experience. Getting to know the students before they graduate ensures that the Employment Specialist matches specific positions within companies to a graduate's areas of interests, skills, and personality. As a result, the process of supporting graduates in career development and ultimately securing gainful employment has been highly successful.

The Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute
The Vocational and Rehabilitation Research Institute is a non-profit, research and service agency offering employment, community-living, education and recreation services.

Visit the VRRI Randy J. Tighe Resource Centre for further information on supported employment topics. Their library collection consists of over 30,000 books, journals, videos and reprints on a variety of intellectual disability topics, including supported employment. Their Disability Links page provides a comprehensive list of links to other organizations and agencies within the province of Alberta.