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Why Become an AASE Member?

As a member of the Alberta Association for Supported Employment, your benefits include:

Membership Costs

Organization/Agency: $75       Individual: $25

Membership is annual and adheres to the Calendar year. All memberships expire December 31st.

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What Does the Online Advertising Space Include?

For a nominal fee

What Does Membership Access to Online Supported Employment Articles Include?

As a member of AASE, you can access and download articles on specific topics in the field of supported employment, such as

How Can You Contribute to Supported Employment, AASE, and Member Benefits?

Help us to make a positive impact upon the field of supported employment and share information .

Sharing information is one of AASE's primary goals. We welcome and encourage member input and participation to the field of supported employment.

Send us your comments, your articles, and your stories on best practices in supported employment.

Additional Privileges for AASE Members

Other Member Opportunities

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