About AASE: Who We Are and What We Do

AASE stands for the Alberta Association for Supported Employment. We are an association of service agencies who share a vision and a commitment to Supported Employment, which runs strong within our profession.

What Does AASE Do?

The primary goal of AASE is to create a formal network of service agencies which promotes the sharing of information and opportunities in the field of supported employment. We are an inclusive organization that supports the development and evolution of supported employment initiatives.

Mission Statement

AASE fosters growth, innovation and awareness in the area of employment for people with disabilities.

Message from the Board:

In the 2010-2011 year AASE partnered in developing the Alberta Supported Employment Consultant Training (ASECT). A pilot of the training was delivered in Calgary in March with over 20 participants and received very promising feedback. AASE also had a strong presence at the annual conference hosted by the Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS), where we hosted the hospitality suite in hopes of expanding our network and gaining more support for AASE. This endeavor, along with our instrumental involvement in bringing an employment stream to a regularly residential focused conference, was a huge success. This coming year the AASE Board hopes to continue its focus on developing more partnerships to increase our resource and funding base. We are very excited to continue working with the Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) on training and professional development opportunities. Our goal is to continue reaching further into the province, and even beyond, to provide support and resources to all of our members and service providers working in the field of Supported Employment. Hopefully with the work and dedication of all of our members we can make this another successful year for AASE.

AASE Objectives

  1. To encourage the development of and participation in Supported Employment
  2. To promote and market Supported Employment to create awareness in the general public
  3. To ensure funding for the ongoing operation of the Association and approved events
  4. To foster our members' pursuit of excellence
    • To address issues pertaining to the delivery of quality services to persons with disabilities
    • To provide leadership and set standards for the delivery and development of quality services
    • To develop a network for exchanging information

AASE Best Practices Document

AASE has collected, in one place, those practices which best reflect the values and beliefs of our association, our members and the population we serve. This document is a 'living document' and will be reviewed and updated as necessary. We ask for your ongoing feedback and suggestions in order to assist our association to keep this document valuable and current.

History of AASE

In May, 2001, a group of Supported Employment Service Providers from Alberta held organization meetings for the purpose of hosting the Eighth Annual, National Supported Employment Conference (held in Calgary from November 13 - 15, 2002).

During the planning process for this conference, it became apparent that this group of agencies shared a vision and a commitment to Supported Employment that runs strong within their profession. It also became apparent that, when unified, this group could accomplish so much more than any individual agency.

This realization led this initial group to form the framework for an Alberta Association for Supported Employment - AASE.

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